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Silviu Parascan: A Retro-Modern

After almost a century of modern excitement, a felt moderation of the avant-gardist enthusiasm or transgressive voluptuousness, it may be noticed an obvious recalibration of the artistic vocabulary regarding to an intensive approach to a traditional art, detached by pressure of modern styles. Initially undermined at the begginimg of the last century, because of its so called project-stone-still, the figurative art is going to be revived nowadays , even in the possibility of a justified esthetical crisis. Nor the the abstract passions, nor the subtilities of the Conceptual or Minimalism, nor the fervor of the ideological parti-pris had no success in its definitely disproof. It can be experienced the necessity of returning to the pure emotion, to the feelings of kalophilia, where the suggestion, disposition and expressivity are broght into foreground. Instead of frenetic callings to originality, there is proposed – defying somehow – the pirit of time – a triple change of view: of the shape, artcraft and idea about artwork. The creator himself seems to be reborn, in opposition to most postmodern obituaries, that may seem to have buried the artist beyond recall.

Exactly in this circumstance we find Silviu Parascan. What do we know about the artist, who has moved to further polish his skills in the art institutes of Bucharest? First of all, he sympathizes to the wistful of the easel, to a sensual, atmospheric painting, pleasant and delightful. Although very young and still searching for a proper style, he is developing like a maestro. He shirks delirberate from a prospective modernism, focused on an axis of the future, placing himself against the trends, which would raise him up quickly on the most-wanted top of the celebrity wave. He is rather a retro-modern, a creator regarding o the order of classical – recovered, updated and resignified according to the contemporary public’s sensitivities. Both in his favourite subjects (such as portrait, landscape, floral variations, still lifes), but also regarding the practiced mediums (drawing, graphic art, pastel, acryl interventions or watercolour), the artist distinguishes by a deep feeling of colour, flexibility and refinement of detail and a maturity of esthetical solutions.

Spoiled by muses and of an indisputable skill, Silviu Parascan steps decided towards the customs of artistic establishment. The rejoining to the preffered maestros it’s not a circumstance at all, nor the sign of an outdate artistic option. In this respect of tradition, we can easily read his willing of familiarity to the sources, to the veritable patterns but also a desire of substantiation regarding to the authentic art. The apparently one step back surely prepares the final impetus towards his well deserved artistic validation.


PhD. Professor Petru BEJAN

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